Genuine Gucci Versus Replica Gucci: Some Key Differences

It’s easy to spot the differences between replica Gucci and authentic Gucci: the look and feel will be significantly different in every way.

Genuine Gucci is crafted with some of the most skilled hands and machinery in the business. Every bag is rigorously checked for flaws, and there are multiple points of detection. If a Gucci bag ends up on the shelf or is sold online, you can be sure it is ready to be in your hands.

On the other hand, a replica Gucci bag might be made by unskilled workers making only a few cents a day. It might be stitched together using common, cheap threads and old machinery. A replica Gucci wallet likely won’t be checked much for rips or inconsistencies, and, if you ever receive it, your replica Gucci bag might have fallen apart before it ever arrived.

With just a little bit of TLC, you can make Gucci last a life time, if not that of your kid’s as well. With knock off Gucci, you are lucky if it will see the end of the year. Hardly surprising wouldn’t you say? Consider the cost of authentic Gucci and cheap knock offs. How is it even possible to make anything of even reasonable quality at that price?

It is inevitable that manufacturers of knock off Gucci bags compromise on quality every step of the way – the materials, the workmanship, the hardware.

Speaking of workmanship, most counterfeiters also own sweatshops. It is in these labor camps of sorts that knock off Gucci and other such replica products are produced. Is it any wonder that the products that come out are of poor quality, when the people who make them are forced to lead a hand to mouth existence? Knock offs worth neither your time nor your money.

These are just some of the reasons a replica Gucci bag simply cannot compare to authentic Gucci.