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Know How to Steer Clear of Counterfeiters

Counterfeiters are stealing designs from Gucci and using them to make a profit with replica Gucci bags—that much is clear. What is not always clear is the extent to which counterfeiters will go to make sure they trick you and get your money.

First, they will try to make you think that their website is an official Gucci website, usually by registering domain names that are deceptively similar to Gucci’s official website.

If that doesn’t work, a counterfeiter will probably attempt to trick you into believing he or she sells authentic Gucci products, typically by lying about some sort of deal with Gucci, such as being a licensed reseller.

Finally, after admitting that their products are replica Gucci, counterfeiters will usually try to convince you that the replica Gucci wallets are somehow identical to authentic Gucci, which will never be true.

It is easy to see that sellers of replica Gucci are out to get your money and your sensitive information, and they will do whatever it takes to get you to buy replica Gucci handbags, including flat out lying to you.

Protect yourself. Buy from Gucci’s official website.

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