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Why Do Counterfeiters Think They Can Get Away With It?

Counterfeiters who sell replica Gucci handbags often operate in other countries, which sometimes have laws that are relaxed or non-existent when it comes to policing counterfeiters. This means that counterfeiters might not be brought to justice if you report them to the authorities.

Gucci strives to maintain business practices that are in line with its core values, as well as its good reputation. To that end, Gucci is committed to fighting counterfeiting whenever possible, and Gucci has been actively litigating against those replica Gucci websites that intend to harm consumers.

Contact Gucci customer service at any time to report suspicious websites or fraudulent goods. Gucci cannot repair damaged counterfeit goods, nor can Gucci compensate consumers who have been swindled, but Gucci will do whatever it can to bring these counterfeit sites down and protect online shoppers in the future.

But, that is not all. Counterfeiters continue to get away with selling counterfeit Gucci both online and offline, because there is a demand for it.

For every consumer conned into buying knock off Gucci, there are at least five who buy counterfeit Gucci knowingly. The repercussions caused by the sale of counterfeit products, is felt across various levels. You may have believed this to be a crime without victims. Fact is, counterfeiting affects global economy, Foreign Direct Investment to mention a few of its far reaching effects.

Counterfeiters, count on the ignorance of consumers to make money. Don’t make things easy for them. Read up on the ill effects of counterfeiting. Use those purse parties to spread the word.